Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens Review

Hello everyone! Sorry for being inactive, life got in the way a little. 🙂 I have a review for you today of the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens. These pens aren’t new products but I just wanted to show you many properties of them.

Here is the set of the 36 pens that I have. It contains a great variety of colors, but if you want more that aren’t in a set that you purchased, the pens are available for individual purchase. All I have right now are the 36 that came in this box.

On the top of each pen, I watercolored with each pen on some cardstock, cut them out with a hole punch, and added the pen directly on top of half of the cardstock. Jennifer McGuire did this in one of her videos that is linked here, I suggest checking it out.

Here is a closer look of each of the individual pens from the 36 set. These pens have real bristles like a brush and work like a brush on paper. They are easy to use for coloring images, and are also great for lettering! The color from these pens are super vibrant, but can be watered down to be softer, and there are also soft colors available for purchase.

The pens can be used with water, or with each other. They can be used on different papers, but they give the best results on Tim Holtz watercolor cardstock and smooth bristol paper with or without water. These pens are totally different because they are a combination of different mediums in the market, are so versatile, and I believe that these pens are a great investment and you should try them out!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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